Our Extensive Range of Event Solutions

At The Events Structure, we’ve got all bases covered - offering four key event solutions to satisfy all of your marketing needs. All four options present one single and consistent benefit: presence. The presence to inspire exceptional visitor engagement. Our top-of-the-range products provide quality, reliable hardware that is expertly managed with full event support throughout.
We offer a range of experiential marketing products and services, from exhibition trailer hire to self-drive promotional vehicles - so whatever your business needs, we’ve got the perfect solution. Find out more about our full range below.


Our roadshow truck and exhibition trailer hire services are the ultimate resource for any event. Put the message on the truck. Take the truck out on the road. Show. Tell. Teach. Sell. The applications are limitless. Our broad range of trailers are ideal for businesses or organisations in the healthcare, financial, technology and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors looking for large-scale solutions. Our combination of expert support and management and great pricing makes our exhibition units the ideal solution for any large event or marketing roadshow.
Whether you’re looking to promote a new product, access previously untapped markets or simply build brand awareness, bespoke trailers like ours give your business a chance to make its name and maximise sales in the process. These remarkable structures are the key to impactful experiential events, and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with any audience.


Promotional vehicles provide a powerful and flexible resource for event marketing, retail, communication and advertising on the go. Their low costs and high impact, combined with the ability to configure the van for all of your marketing needs, make these event structures an agile and effective mobile brand mascot.
Impressive branded vehicles like ours give businesses an opportunity to take products and services direct to their customer base - and thanks to our wide range of event structures, you’re guaranteed to find the mobile marketing solution that’s right for you.


With a growing trend for pop-up shops and promotions, shipping container conversions are becoming an increasingly popular event marketing tool, instilling your enterprise with big brand power. Our fully serviced shipping containers are completely customisable, allowing you full creative control. Their robust build and wide range of functionality make them a practical and effective event marketing solution for any business.
Events are about creating an engaging environment, no matter where you are. We see massive marketing potential in a wide range of products, which is why our event structure lineup includes these professionally converted shipping containers - maximising the available space for ultimate engagement.


For businesses in need of a large space that will engage their audience, mobile showrooms offer a memorable environment to take your exhibit to the next level. Whether you’re an automotive heavyweight exhibiting at an industry show, or a tech company with a brand-new product to launch into the market, these ingenious vehicles can be deployed in an optimum space of your choosing - providing you with unrivalled flexibility over static alternatives.
With an impressive level of customisation available, you can transform your showroom into a brand-orientated exhibition space that truly immerses those that step inside. And it’s thanks to this adaptability that mobile showrooms are suitable for such an extensive range of purposes - from an engaging conference space to a training room or private music venue, the sky's the limit when it comes to our portable showroom spaces.