Your 2019 Event Marketing Toolkit: Software, Equipment & More

At the end of 2018, the Event Marketing 2019: Benchmarks and Trends Report found that the number of businesses organising 20 or more events increased by 17% versus the previous year. On top of this figure, 95% of respondents felt that marketing events increased the opportunity for fellow attendees to get connected with one another, which they believe to be particularly valuable in this increasingly digital world.

In today’s post, therefore, we’re exploring the top techniques we think your business should integrate into its marketing strategy in 2019. From the event planning software that will help you organise your campaign, to the utilisation of vehicles that will help spread your message at your in-person event, we’re looking at a variety of ways you can implement a sound-proof event into your marketing strategy in the new year.

event planning diagram in notebook


First thing’s first when it comes to delivering an event marketing campaign, and that’s the type of software you use to plan your event. Having an idea of the types of numbers you expect to be able to host and the response you hope to achieve from the right people after the event is crucial when it comes to the planning process.

So, whether you’re a small fashion brand hosting a VIP-blogger dinner or a B2B tech company delivering an industry-wide conference, using event registration software is a brilliant way to collect valuable data as well as increasing positive attendee experience. Not only will event registration help you plan ahead and simplify your strategy, but the right software has the potential to duplicate similar, successful events throughout the year.


Aside from the content you’re delivering, arguably one of the most important parts of hosting an effective, live event is where it’s held. The venue you choose to use should encompass the message you’re trying to get across and allow people to visualise your brand - whether that’s a stand-alone venue or an on-trend mobile shipping container that you decide to deliver your message through.

For businesses wanting to promote products from their B2C brand, equipment such as a promotional vehicle that allows you to market to a targeted area and audience is a fantastic way to broaden your customer base by interacting with current consumers in a specific environment. Not only this but by bringing along your own personal mobile showroom and using it as an established event venue, your brand is sure to stand out to a variety of B2B industry experts and consumers alike.

Social media

In today’s digital age, utilising social media platforms and event management apps to help reinforce your message both during and post-event is a relatively easy and extremely impactful technique that shouldn’t be missed.

Don’t be afraid to get everyone involved and create a personalised Snapchat filter promoting your B2C event. Additionally, utilise social media channels to break down the barriers between the business and consumer by posting behind the scenes snapshots both during the day and after the event to make your event come to life for those who are unable to attend.

No matter the size of your business or the targets you’re striving to hit next year, thinking about putting an event marketing strategy in place for the new year will provide you with a unique opportunity to reach a whole new audience and diversify your business. Invest in event marketing campaigns which 85% of fellow marketers believe to be essential to their strategy by utilising the appropriate event management software and explore our range of event vehicles and solutions today.