Mobile Showrooms: Introducing the Pursuit Plus

Our latest Mobile Showroom, Pursuit Plus is now here to impress the audience at any given location. The Pursuit Plus is an upgraded model of the Pursuit Mobile Showroom, where the Pursuit Plus offers more flexibility.

The Pursuit Plus also provides entertainment space to hold approximately 150 guests on the main floor and an additional 56 people on the upper floor/roof. With an incredibly low floor height at only 15cm, this ensures efficient accessibility and full disabled access is also provided. This second generation model of the Pursuit Mobile Showroom has already received many enquiries, where it has been utilised by the huge automobile manufacturer, Porsche and it is available to hire immediately.

This pop-up Exhibition Solution provides roof access internally as well as externally, via an external spiral staircase, this is a new feature that isn’t available in the original Pursuit Mobile Showroom. There is also huge branding potential both internally and externally, which as you can see has been utilised by Porsche to look professional and maintain their brand image.

There are many perks provided with the Pursuit Plus model, which gives it a homely feel. For example, it is equipped with lighting, an integrated audio visual system, large refrigerators and more. The Pursuit Plus Mobile Showroom has been built with an air conditioning and heating system with climate control, in order to adjust the temperature suited to your needs and your customers’ needs. Now that’s what you call getting great value for your money.

This upgraded Mobile Showroom has also been built with bigger glazed window panels than the Pursuit model, which looks modern, attractive and superior. Health and safety has also been taken into consideration when building this model, as it comes with a separate entrance and exit to prevent any accidents.

The Pursuit Plus is a spacious and highly detailed Mobile Showroom that is equipped with many perks and the best thing about it is that it only takes 30 minutes to set up this Mobile Showroom. Not only is it multi-functional, it’s also a time efficient model.

Get In Touch

The Pursuit Plus Mobile Showroom is available to hire immediately For any enquiries about the Pursuit Plus or any of our Event Structures, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 821 1010.