Marketing Tactics 101: The Power of Consistent Branding

There’s no denying the importance of quality when it comes to selling a product or service, but it’s consistently delivering a recognisable brand that will help businesses to create and maintain loyal relationships with consumers. From networking with potential investors at corporate events to pitching products to prospective buyers using exhibition units, building the awareness of your brand is vital for securing long-term company success. 

Whether you’re designing your stand for an upcoming event or looking for branding inspiration for your new start-up, channelling consistency when it comes to your brand is a surefire way to boost awareness and build lasting relationships. That’s why, today, we’re taking a look at how the power of branding at business events can contribute to the overall awareness of a brand - as well as looking at how the world’s leading brands have ensured their own success by incorporating these 3 simple branding rules.

Be consistent with colour

Recognition is key when it comes to making a lasting impression, and that’s why orientating the entirety of your brand around a specific colour scheme is so important in business. Studies show that colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, and with colour being the most memorable visual component, it’s crucial that business’ are harnessing the power of colour psychology and incorporating colour theory into every aspect of their branding.

From product packaging to pop-up stands at events, Coca-Cola is famous for consistently channelling the power of colour. Arguably one of the most instantly recognisable brands across the globe, Coca-Cola’s consistent use of a bold red colour scheme across its packaging, advertising and event marketing materials mean that primary red has become inextricably linked with the brand - making this drinks company one that’s impossible to forget.

Find your voice

From planning the product packaging to designing your brand’s website, choosing an appropriate tone of voice - as well as using memorable visual brand language (VBL) - means you can maximise the impact of your brand in the mind of a consumer. A clean and clear logo means you can easily convey your brand’s key marketing messages even in the busiest of event spaces, and being consistent with a tone of voice that reflects the brand will ensure the feeling of connectivity with customers.

As a brand, Innocent may have come along way since its small-scale smoothie stall at a London music festival almost 20 years ago, but that’s not to say that this multi-million pound company has lost touch with its simple and quirky branding. The secret to Innocent’s success is no doubt its distinctive conversational tone - and the consistency of the unique brand voice across all products and event displays means that, over the years, the population has built up a sense of brand loyalty with this overtly friendly drinks company.

Show off your brand

From pitching a new line of products to raising the profile of the company, marketing events provide the opportunity to share your brand with potential purchasers and ignite a sense of brand loyalty with new customers. Whether it’s a large-scale trade show or a corporate function, making sure that your branding stands out is crucial. From utilising a bespoke, branded exhibition trailer, to ensuring that your on-the-ground events team is conveying key brand values, showing off your business’ branding will mean that your company is remembered long after the day is over.

Pringles may be well known for its quirky experiential marketing techniques, but it’s the consistent merchandising of each event stand which has contributed to the success of this stackable snack brand. Pitching up at music festivals in an effort to engage with the captive audience, Pringles’ eye-catching visuals adorned with the distinctive logo direct passers-by to the stand - and by giving away free branded merchandise, Pringles spread even more awareness as they encourage festival-goers to endorse the brand by wearing its free products.

From incorporating eye-catching branded graphics into the design of event display materials to adopting a tone of voice that’s unique to the company and relevant to its audience, ensuring consistency has always been key when it comes to maximising the profile of your brand - at events and beyond.

The Events Structure offers custom graphic wraps for exhibition trailers, roadshow trucks and more, made to match your brand’s identity. The event marketing experts here have worked with a wide range of brands across a huge variety of sectors - which means we have the know-how to take your on-site marketing to the next level, no matter whether you’re a fledgling startup or an established enterprise.

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