An Expert Guide to Running a Super-Successful Commercial Roadshow

Participation in an industry roadshow can be the perfect remedy for a business looking to increase exposure and market clout. Roadshows are exciting for potential customers and clients, offering you an immersive experiential marketing space to show off your products or services. In today’s blog post, we’ll run through some ways in which you can make your roadshow a rewarding experience that’ll drive commerce and get people excited.
roadshow truck Endeavour

Location, location, location…

Each stop on your roadshow needs to be near to major roads and public transport, to ensure attendance is as simple as possible for your audience. Access is also an important consideration - as this will ensure that large HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles), including exhibition trailers, can easily set up within the space. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your venue has to be outdoors, as some large indoor areas such as shopping centres are also accessible for bigger vehicles. Another vital consideration is disability access, so make sure to invest in ramps and high-visibility kerbs to ensure none of your target audience are left out.
It’s also worth taking time to think about how your location relates to the market you are targeting with your roadshow. It would be ineffective to situate an urban design roadshow at a county showground, or a agricultural showcase in an inner-city setting. It might seem obvious to those that know their market well, but it should still be thought about in-depth during the planning phase of your roadshow.

The floor area itself is important

Your proximity to your surroundings is critical in terms of making an exhibition space welcoming and pleasant for attendees. Providing an open area in front of your trailer or truck creates a feeling of friendliness where your staff can interact with consumers without confinement. Take inspiration from an art gallery: just like a painting on a wall, make sure there is plenty of space around your roadshow truck. This creates a less intimidating, welcoming space that’ll mean potential customers will be much more interested in approaching your trailer - if you’re situated on the high street - and far more receptive to sales technique overall.

Your roadshow trailer - pick the right one!

Here at The Events Structure, we supply a huge array of exhibition trailers specifically designed for roadshow use. Picking the right one to promote your business properly can be a challenge, but luckily we’re here to help.
The first thing to think about regarding your choice of exhibition trailer is the space you have to use. If it’s a small plot, consider choosing a self-drive option like our Ranger model, which provides an ideal small-scale marketing space that can look great when combined with small podiums and an eye-catching graphic wrap. A fine example is Transport for London’s striking Crossrail 2 promotional vehicle, pictured below:
exhibition truck
If you’ve got a bigger pitch and a bigger budget, then you’ve got carte blanche to really spread your wings and make a real statement. Our larger exhibition trailers are ideal for impressing big-spending potential clients. A great example is the Endeavour (pictured at the top of the post), which features two VIP decks, a full working kitchen and audio system - as well as air conditioning.
For a slightly smaller but equally impactful presence, consider the Phantom (pictured below) - a flexible space designed for a huge array of uses. Complete with flagpoles on top, it works well as an exhibition space rather than an area to entertain VIP guests, which is great for events, festivals and trade shows.
exhibition trailer Phantom
If you’re looking for something with a little more of a wow factor - that’ll get VIPs and casual attendees talking about your business - then a great and utterly unique option is the Sky Box pictured below. Capable of elevating guests and merchandise alike eight metres in the air, it really is an eye-catching event idea that literally towers over its competition.
experiential marketing vehicle Sky Box

Provide entertainment and fun for all ages

If your pitch is aimed at the general public, you might want to think about introducing activities for people to get involved with, no matter what product your roadshow is promoting. Live demonstrations are always a winner, alongside competition entry opportunities and children’s activities like face painting. These ideas work wonderfully at festivals and at other informal events, engaging attendees and drawing in crowds.
Giving out free merchandise is another cost-effective way of getting your brand’s name out there, especially at an industry exhibition or trade show. Even something as simple as a selection of branded pens on a display stand can really promote your brand beyond the roadshow.

Try something different

Don’t be afraid to express yourselves. Experiential marketing and roadshows are all about innovation, both in terms of the equipment used to deliver the event and the experiences put on by the companies involved. Ultra-modern advances in technology such as VR have recently been incorporated into trade events with some dazzling results. For example, manufacturing industries with hefty equipment can now design a VR experience that allows potential clients to view their hardware without having to ship it around the country as part of a roadshow. This means that there is more room in the exhibition trailer for guest hospitality and other aspects. VR, being as cutting edge as it is, produces a buzz when it is used in public, so consider creating excitement around what you do by investing in a related VR experience.
We hope you have enjoyed this run through of the best roadshow strategies for 2018. The next step for you is to choose a great exhibition trailer from our wide range and start plotting your route to roadshow success!