Experiential Container Abseils into Newcastle

With Virgin Trains dropping out of the North Eastern Railway Line, the line got what the nation has been yearning for, nationalised rail. LNER is the new brand born out of this that will be taking over the London to the North East line for the foreseeable future.

From December 2018, there will be 65 brand-new Azuma trains occupying the East Coast route. As well as this, existing trains have received new updates such as an on-train monitoring system that helps identify and report faults more accurately than ever before.

LNER operates on routes totalling 936 miles from London to Peterborough, the East Midlands, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow. However, the main operating line is between London and Edinburgh as well as London and Leeds.

To celebrate the launch of LNER, The Events Structure were asked to provide an Experiential Shipping Container that would act as a ticket office in the city of Newcastle. Based in the Event Container, LNER was providing free abseiling opportunities on the Quayside to raise awareness of the new abseil line.

The Events Structure provided our Gallery Plus Shipping Container. This was custom painted in a matt granite grey for the event and The Events Structure provided a high-quality vinyl wrap to promote LNER’s branding.

The upcycled shipping container opened to the front, providing a wide entrance for visitors to be able to comfortably manoeuvre around. Shipping containers at events are designed to make an impact - and that’s exactly what our Gallery Event Container did. Decorated with a high-quality interior and exterior finish, this shipping container conversion helped execute a successful event.

If you’re looking to rent a shipping container for your next event, explore our range of upcycled shipping containers today. With the help of The Events Structure, you can increase brand awareness and host an event that will be remembered. Give us a call on 0161 821 1010 to find out more.