Shipping Container Conversions: Outlet Model

Shipping containers for events: Outlet model

The Outlet Shipping Container is developed from an upcycled 20’ container and provides the ultimate environment for delivering a retail solution at events, festivals, concerts and in busy high street locations. Outlet provides a highly dynamic retailing environment that combines a superior finish with rapid deployment, exceptional security and highly effective product display.

Outlet opens to the front via a series of access doors, these doors when open provide an unrivalled graphic opportunity and can help to define the retailing space. This strong graphic and branding opportunity helps to maximise onsite presence. The entrance provides a full 20’ (6M) serving point, ensuring that high numbers of consumers can view and purchase stock at the same time.

To complement the consumer access and serving point, Outlet has a separate bulkhead entrance that is used for staff access as well as stock delivery and replenishment. This separate entrance ensures that operational efficiency is maintained even when stock turnover is high and replenishment is necessary.

The interior walls are paint finished in white to the original architectural corrugation, the walls then have 4 off graphic boards or 4 off slat wall panels (each 1500mm2) each to enable the professional and effective display of stock. Ceiling lighting provides excellent lighting to display stock.

Outlet containers have an external 32 amp mains input that can be powered from an onsite mains power connection or generator input. Internally the container has a fusebox and internal power distribution to 8 off 16amp sockets.

Container features

  • Standard shipping container cargo doors
  • Interior & exterior custom paint finish 
  • Electrical distribution and fusebox 
  • 13.4m2 internal capacity
  • Merchandise sales counter (6000mm x 500mm)
  • Rapidly deployed in less than 1 hour with 1 crew
  • Full disabled access (optional)
  • External awning
  • External floor decking (optional)


Container length 6096mm
Container width 2440mm
Container height 2590mm


  • 32 amp external mains input 
  • Generator power available on request

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