Shipping Container Conversions: Impact Plus Model

Shipping Container Conversions: Impact Plus Model

Impact Plus is the latest generation of our popular Impact shipping container conversion, designed using a High Cube container to give a more spacious environment and strong onsite physical presence. The highly impactful upper deck provides an exceptional environment for VIP entertainment or can simply provide a unique consumer activation area. The Impact Plus event container provides a dynamic environment that can be used for experiential, retailing, catering and hospitality applications, and benefits from superior finishes throughout.

Impact Plus opens to the front via a sophisticated roller door system that helps to provide a full 20’ (6m) access entrance to the internal environment. The upper deck is accessed via a single external stair unit that enables a maximum of 12 guests to enter the gallery. This deck can be used as a viewing platform, a VIP entertaining area, a product demonstration area or a presentation platform.

The interior walls are paint finished in white on the original architectural corrugation finish, the back wall contains 3 off graphic positions (each 1500mm²) and the bulkhead wall features 1 off graphic position (1500mm²). Alternatively, we have a stud wall system that offers the opportunity to use custom graphics to display your brand’s messaging as you see fit.

The Impact Plus event container has an external 32amp mains input that can be powered from an onsite mains power connection or generator input. Internally, the container has a fusebox and internal power distribution to 8 off 13amp sockets.

Container features

  • Standard shipping container cargo doors
  • Interior & exterior custom paint finish 
  • Exterior 32 amp power connection 
  • Electrical distribution and fusebox 
  • 13.4m2 internal capacity
  • Large internal / external graphics
  • Rapidly deployed in less than 2 hours with 2 crew
  • Full disabled access for staff area (optional)
  • External floor decking (optional)

External Dimensions

Container length 6096mm
Container width 2440mm
Container height 2900mm

Internal Dimensions

Container length 5850mm
Container width 2350mm
Container height 2610mm


  • 32 amp external mains input 
  • Generator power available on request

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