Exhibition Units: Apollo Model

Apollo exhibition trailer from The Events Structure

Apollo is a flexible yet impressive exhibition unit, suited for both B2B and B2C roadshow applications. The exhibition vehicle provides an impressive open space and benefits from an excellent climate control system making the unit employable in the coldest and warmest environments. Apollo is hydraulically extendable to a presentation area of 60 m2. The exhibition trailer is equipped with a generator power supply, kitchen with running water (600 litres), microwave and fridge, and air-conditioning.

Vehicle features

  • 2 main hydraulically operated pods
  • 1 hydraulically kitchen/office pod
  • 30 KVA generator
  • Air-conditioning & heating system with climate control
  • Seating capacity up to 50 people
  • Large areas for internal / external graphics
  • High specification interior finish
  • Base vehicle build time of 1 hour with 1 person
  • Separate kitchen area
  • 1 off Main entrance/exits
  • 2 off Side entrance/exits
  • Integrated audio / visual system
  • Cool terrace


Reception / VIP room 80 people
Training arrangement 50 people
Presentation setup 50 people


Length trailer and tractor 16.5m
Length trailer 13.5m
Width in transport position 2.5m
Operational width 11.1m
Height in transport position 4.0m
Height with roof panels 5.0m
Height with flag poles 9.0m

Entrance & exits

1 Main entrance 1.6m
2 Sides entrance kitchen 1.0m

Power supply

  • 30 KVA silenced generator (100 litre fuel tank)
  • Power connection 400 Volt / 32 Ampere
  • External power supply 25 metres cable (provided) CEE 3 phase 32 Ampere CE