Exhibition trailers and roadshow trucks

The Events Structure's Roadshow Trucks Deliver More Than Just Your Message

There are many ways that Roadshow Trucks and Exhibition Trailers can help you take your brand out and about. Besides acting as a mobile business card or brand ambassador, raising awareness on the go, we configure roadshow trucks to provide genuine added value to your customers and prospects - providing brilliant B2B, B2C and internal communications strategies that engage through demonstration, participation and training events.

From the healthcare and financial sectors through to technology and FMCG, we've got you 100% covered and your audience 100% engaged.

Roadshow Trucks - The Specification and Technology to Make a Difference

Many organisations who are serious about reach, engagement and building a sustainable presence are now factoring them into their marketing. Our exhibition trucks are available in a range of sizes, with various hire terms.

We provide enhanced exhibition trailers and exhibition units to deliver powerful and persuasive interactive mobile environments. Perfectly specified and perfectly deployed - to market, to sell, to share.

Serious Roadshow Truck Quality Doesn't Always Mean Serious Pricing

Just because we sit firmly at the quality end of the market in terms of both hardware and management support, it doesn’t mean that our prices are premium too. Not only do we travel light, we work hard to translate our experience and our expertise into competitive pricing - which means that you can benefit from an even bigger return on investment.

Let's talk Roadshow Trucks. For more information, give us a call on 0161 821 1010.

Exhibition Trailers: Premier
Premier is the pinnacle on our range of exhibition truck, providing an unmatched upper and lower deck environment, as well as a simply stunning onsite visual presence and branding opportunity.
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Exhibition trailer from The Events Structure: the Endeavour
Exhibition Trailers: Endeavour Model
With a spacious interior and a stylish upper deck, Endeavour is a versatile exhibition trailer that is bound to make an impact on anyone who steps inside.
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Apollo exhibition trailer from The Events Structure
Exhibition Units: Apollo Model
Part of our range of exhibition units, Apollo’s excellent climate control and extendable presentation area make it perfectly suited to roadshows.
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Exhibition units from The Events Structure: Phantom model
Exhibition Units: Phantom Model
A highly flexible mobile exhibition unit, Phantom provides a large, dynamic space to engage with consumers and host memorable experiential events.
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Exhibition Units - Mercury
Exhibition Trailers: Mercury Model
Find out more about Mercury, one of our largest exhibition units. Suitable for many event applications, Mercury boasts an undeniable physical presence.
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Exhibition trailers from The Events Structure: Momentum model
Exhibition Trailers: Momentum Model
Find out more about Momentum, one of our premier exhibition units. From presentations to experiential events, Momentum is as adaptable as it is impressive.
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The Discovery exhibition trailer from The Events Structure
Exhibition Trailers: Discovery Model
With unrivalled interior space and a fitted sound system, the Discover range of exhibition trailers are ideal for product demonstrations and presentations.
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Roadshow trailers from The Events Structure: Vanquish model
Exhibition Trailers: Vanquish Model
Part of our innovative exhibition trailer range, Vanquish boasts excellent climate control and ample interior space - making it effective all year round.
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Exhibition Trailers: Executive
Exhibition Trailers: Executive
Executive is an exceptionally striking exhibition unit that provides a compact but highly functional presentation, demonstration working space.
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Exhibition unit from The Events Structure: Enterprise model
Exhibition Trailers: Enterprise Model
Find out more about Enterprise, an incredibly flexible exhibition trailer extendable to 65m2 - making it perfect for experiential events or presentations.
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Exhibition vehicles from The Events Structure: Sky Box model
Display Trailers: The Sky Box
At 8 metres high, this eye-catching mobile exhibition unit provides the ideal way to entertain VIP guests, generate product exposure or target consumers.
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Exhibition vehicles from The Events Structure: Relay model
Promotional Vehicles: Relay Model
Find out more about Relay, our state-of-the-art fleet of promotional vehicles. For marketing on the move, these trucks open into a mobile exhibition space.
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Exhibition trailers from The Events Structure: Trekker model
Exhibition Trailers: Trekker Model
One of our most popular promotional vehicle models, the Trekker has built-in air conditioning and power generation - making it completely self-contained.
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Exhibition trailer from The Events Structure: Explorer model
Exhibition Trailers: Explorer Model
A highly distinctive exhibition vehicle, Explorer offers a winning combination of high-impact design and exceptional operational flexibility.
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The PromoCan is a smart driven roadshow solution that facilitates touching brand experiences within the environment of your target group.
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Exhibition Trailer Hire Comparison

At The Events Structure, we specialise in supplying exhibition trailers for both one-off business pop-ups and extended roadshow events - with a range of mobile exhibition units that are guaranteed to revolutionise your event marketing.

There are so many exhibition trailer options within our fleet that it can be difficult to find exactly what it is you need. But whether you’re looking to explore our range of large or small exhibition trailers, we’re on hand to help you find your perfect fit. Our friendly and helpful team will guide you through the mobile marketing maze and help you find the ideal exhibition unit for your business.

Exhibition trailer hire

At The Events Structure, we understand that no two events are the same - and therefore, neither are our mobile exhibition trailers. From technical differences between vehicles to variations in visual appeal, it’s worth looking at the various options before committing to a particular exhibition trailer.

To help you find the exhibition trailer that's perfect for your business, we've outlined your options below - highlighting the dimensional and technical differences between our mobile exhibition units and trailer options.

Exhibition Trailer & Tractor Length
Pursuit: 16.5m
Adventurer: 16.5m
Endeavour: 16.5m
Discovery: 16.5m
Enterprise: 16.5m
Trekker: 9.9m
Relay: 7.5m
Exhibition Unit Length
Pursuit: 13.8m
Adventurer: 13.8m
Endeavour: 12.75m
Discovery: 13.8m
Enterprise: 13.5m
Trekker: 7.2m
Relay: 5.2m
Exhibition Unit Depth
Pursuit: 7.8m
Adventurer: 7.6m
Endeavour: 6.5m
Discovery: 9.5m
Enterprise: 6.95m
Trekker: 2.3m
Relay: 6.3m
Exhibition Unit Height (Set Up)
Pursuit: 4m
Adventurer: 6.2m
Endeavour: 5m
Discovery: 6.2m
Enterprise: 6.25m
Trekker: 3.1m
Relay: 3.9m
Internal m2 Capacity
Pursuit: 105m2
Adventurer: 32m2
Endeavour: 52m2
Discovery: 50m2
Enterprise: 45m2
Trekker: 16.5m2
Relay: 27.5m2
Generator Capacity
Pursuit: 15KVA
Adventurer: 17KVA
Endeavour: 32KVA
Discovery: 17KVA
Enterprise: 32KVA
Trekker: 5.5KVA
Relay: 5.5KVA
Maximum Reception Capacity
Pursuit: 150
Adventurer: 55
Endeavour: 80
Discovery: 80
Enterprise: 65
Trekker: 20
Relay: 20
Pursuit: Yes
Adventurer: Yes
Endeavour: Yes
Discovery: Yes
Enterprise: Yes
Trekker: Yes
Relay: Yes
Set Up Time
Pursuit: 1 hour
Adventurer: 1 hour
Endeavour: 1 hour
Discovery: 1 hour
Enterprise: 1 hour
Trekker: 1 hour
Relay: 1 hour
Disabled Access
Pursuit: Yes
Adventurer: Yes
Endeavour: No
Discovery: Yes
Enterprise: No
Trekker: Yes
Relay: No

Exhibition trailers: things to consider

When choosing from our range of event trailers or exhibition units, a number of factors will impact your decision. Before you commit to a particular vehicle, it’s worth considering the following:

  • Your choice of site location - in an effort to increase foot traffic to your exhibition trailer, a prime location is key. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a busy high street or highly populated area, but it should be somewhere your audience can reach you with ease
  • Audience expectations - delivering what you’ve promised to potential consumers is crucial to the success of your event. Whether they’re expecting product demonstrations, live talks or interactive displays, it’s important you deliver on your audience’s expectations
  • Product demonstration requirements - if you’re planning on providing your audience with live or interactive experiences, you’ll need to think about the practicality of your choice of exhibition trailer in terms of transporting and displaying equipment
  • Presentation style - first impressions count, so think about how you want the exhibition trailer to look and if it’s suitable for your needs
  • Your business’ brand - thanks to bespoke branding, you can promote your business even when you’re on the move. Spend some time exploring the best exhibition trailers for your business - thinking about how they suit your style and brand

By thinking about how each of these will influence your pop-up event or roadshow, you can ensure you find a trailer and aesthetic that accurately reflects your brand.

If you’d like to discuss your options further, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0161 821 1010. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information about our exhibition trailer hire and make sure you find the perfect promotional vehicle for your needs.