Event Shipping Containers: Champions Model

Event Shipping Containers: Champions Model

The Champions Event Container is an upcycled cluster of converted 20” ISO shipping containers is one of the most unique exhibition containers of its kind. Built to a high standard and with a strong matt black finish that gives it a truly premium look, this event structure is the perfect environment to target, engage and sell to consumers with communication and experiential activities.

Our Champions container is made up of three 20” ISO shipping containers, an upper deck and a large LED screen, put together to have the ultimate impact on consumers.  The interior walls retain the original architectural corrugation finish, with the back wall containing 3 off graphic positions, each measuring 1500mm2, and the bulkhead wall featuring 1 off graphic position, again measuring 1500mm2.

The low to the ground exhibition containers open to the front through a sophisticated roller door system that provides a 6m access entrance, complete with anti-slip vinyl flooring. The Champions Event Containers proximity to the ground allows for disabled access through provided ramps.

The highly impactful upper deck provides an exceptional environment for VIP entertainment or can provide a unique additional consumer area, providing a dynamic environment that can be used for experiential, retailing, catering and hospitality applications, and more. The upper deck is accessed via a single external stair unit that enables a maximum of 12 guests, meaning that it can be used as a viewing platform, a VIP entertaining area, a product demonstration area or a presentation platform.

To power the unit, The Events Structure provide a connection, 32A 3-Phase Distribution box and cables to the three 32A 1PH mains input. All you need to provide is a 32a 3-Phase feed from an onsite mains power connection or a generator. Internally, the container has an internal power distribution to 8 of 13-amp Twin UK sockets.

The raised event container includes an incredible immersive 6-metre LED wall which will feed content throughout the day to consumers and is sure to capture their attention. With a 7mm pitch, 2000hz refresh rate, 6000 nits high brightness and the ability to curve (+/- 10 degrees), this LED screen and features are incredibly flexible and ideal for outdoor advertising or pop up shops.

Container Features

  • Standard 20” ISO shipping container
  • Large internal / external graphics
  • Interior & exterior custom paint finish
  • External floor decking (optional)
  • Full disabled access to ground level containers
  • 13.4m2 internal capacity
  • Electric roller shutter
  • Electrical distribution and fusebox

LED Features

  • 7mm pitch
  • Outdoor Use
  • 2000hz refresh rate
  • 6000 nits high brightness
  • Climbable touring frame
  • Curve (+/- 10 degrees)

Upper deck area

  • 14 sq/m Upper Deck area)
  • Galvanised Durbar Plated)
  • Part K Regulations Staircase)
  • Balustrades Health & Safety Compliant)
  • 100mm Infills)