Display Trailers: The Sky Box

Exhibition vehicles from The Events Structure: Sky Box model

The SkyBox mobile showroom vehicle is a spectacular and highly impactful environment with which you can engage your target consumers, generate product exposure or entertain your VIP guests. The SkyBox is a rigid body truck with a hydraulic transparent rear box that can be raised to a height of 8 metres to create impact with audience for both experiential, hospitality and TV Studio requirements. The spectacular demonstration box is 6m x 2.4m in dimensions, making is comfortably usable for a wide variety of applications. The demonstration box, which can be used either deployed at 8m or at truck level, includes power distribution and lighting in order that the product or message is the centre of consumer focus. This state of the art design can be deployed within minutes at your event sites and can equally be used as a demonstration feature in transit.

Vehicle features

  • Unique hydraulic raising demonstration box
  • Capacity up to 12 people
  • Large transparent feature walls
  • Large areas for internal / external graphics
  • High specification interior finish
  • Mobile demonstration showcase
  • Set Up time of less than 15 Minutes on site 


Reception 15 people
Studio 8 people
Experiential 15 people


Length trailer and tractor 8.6m
Width in transport position 2.4m
Height in transport position 4m
Height with box raise 8m

Entrance & exits

  • 1 Main entrance

Power supply

  • Power connection 400 Volt / 32 Ampere

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