Introducing our latest Event Exhibition Container: Versatile

Here at The Events Structure, we thrive on the feedback our customers give us about our Event Containers, one of the most common things our clients look for is a new and modern Event Structures to stand out and speak volumes for the brand/client. Based on this dialogue we love to launch Shipping Containers that meet client’s requirements and are also up to date with design trends.

This spring, The Events Structure are proud to launch the newest addition to our Event Containers, the Versatile Event Exhibition Container. This 3,191mm tall and 4,638mm wide Versatile Exhibition Container is a flexible yet sophisticated Event Container, which is available to hire immediately. The main purpose of this Versatile Event Container is to provide an impressive onsite presence and to showcase the brand, through the vast amount of branding opportunities available around the Shipping Container.

The exterior of the container can be utilised for branding options, which helps attract the audience and increase brand awareness from afar. The Versatile Shipping Container also has a hydraulic front opening to provide an expansive and welcoming environment. This is further enhanced with a 6 metre electric canopy to cover the hydraulic stage environment, which is exclusive to The Events Structure. This hydraulic stage environment provides excellent space for customer engagement, product demonstration and sampling etc.

The interior and exterior of the Event Container has a custom painted finish to provide a clean and professional image of the Exhibition Container. The modern Versatile Shipping Container has a 13.4m2 internal capacity with a small registration counter and flexible space, where the open internal space is perfect for short presentations and customer one-to-ones etc. The interior of the Versatile Event Container is paint finished and the rear solid flat wall provides opportunities to display digital media screens, if required.

The interior of the Shipping Container contains a fuse box and an internal power distribution. It also has an external 32 amp single phase mains input that can be powered from an onsite mains power connection or generator input. The striking Versatile Event Container has been structured utilising a 20” ISO Hi Cube Shipping Container with external awning and full disabled access available, if required. This Event Structure is rapidly deployed under an hour requiring 2 people, which is relatively easy to set up considering the size and impact this container provides.

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