The Experiential Marketing Campaign Handbook: B2C Edition

B2C (business to consumer) marketing has the unique ability to drive awareness and inspire consumer action through effective, memorable and ‘out of the box’ B2C event marketing techniques - and yet running an effective experiential campaign is by no means an easy feat. 

Luckily, we here at The Event Structure have got you covered with our B2C experiential marketing campaign handbook, covering everything you need to know for a successful strategy that will keep your brand at the forefront of consumer’s minds.

Coca-Cola Christmas roadshow truck

Know your audience 

It should go without saying that audience should be the fundamental factor to consider before undertaking any retail marketing campaign.

Your target demographic will ultimately influence the strategy you take, so it’s important to know exactly who you want to attract. Gender, age, location and hobbies are just a handful of factors you should be considering during the planning stage, and ignorance to any of these can have a major effect on the overall success of your experiential campaign. 

Utilise social media 

Social media is the experiential marketer’s best friend. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram should be the main weapons in your marketing arsenal in both the lead up and day of your marketing event. 

Utilise Twitter hashtags and tailored Facebook ad campaigns before your event to help spread the word and get your brand at the forefront of conversation before your retail event marketing campaign has even got going. During the event, utilise Snapchat filters and geotags to build hype and receive free publicity from publically shared posts. 

Pull out all the stops 

With your target audience determined and hype around your event steadily rising, you need to be able to put your money where your mouth is. 

A B2C experiential marketing campaign relies on an aspect of memorability through creating authentic consumer engagement - in other words, it’s all about the experience. But how do you create an authentic consumer experience? Well, to reiterate our first point, that very much depends on your brand and your audience!

Experiential marketing vehicles, such as our huge range of exhibition trailers, are always a great way of getting people talking. Vary the type based on your retail marketing strategy, choosing the one right for the service you’re providing. For example, if you’re giving out free trials of your product, then our Explorer model might just be the one for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more immersive customer experience, perhaps you’d be better off considering our Premier model.

It’s important to not forget about the basics of retail marketing when planning your experiential campaign. No matter what avenue you choose to pursue, always consider the time and location of your event as this will undoubtedly have an effect on the type of consumer you’re engaging with. 

If you’re looking to market your campaign to a younger demographic for example, then a weekend city-centre location would be more successful than an inaccessible weekday event. Furthermore, be sure to keep all your visual branding consistent and recognisable to act as further promotional reinforcement.  

Now that you’re ready to start your experiential marketing campaign, why not check out how The Event Structure can help with our extensive range of event solutions here