The Experiential Marketing Campaign Handbook: B2B Edition

Fun yet informative business to business (B2B) marketing events can be a tricky nut to crack. So, when it comes to engaging your conference or event attendees to cultivate as much B2B lead generation output as possible, experiential marketing tactics could be the difference between your guests remembering your business or forgetting it as they step out the door.

In today’s post, we’re providing you with some tactics you can introduce into your B2B event marketing strategy to help you boost your event’s ROI.

man giving talk to group of people at B2B event

Choose an attention-grabbing venue

Treat your event as you would a special meal. While you obviously want the ‘food’ (the programme) to be exceptional, it’s, in fact, the ‘restaurant’ (the venue) that makes the occasion memorable - and this makes choosing the right environment crucial.

Choose a venue that symbolises your brand and the message you’re trying to convey. For example, an innovative technology company looking to share their latest software development might choose an interactive science museum, in which guests can immerse themselves in their surroundings during the day’s events.

Alternatively, get around the restrictions of static venues and bring the venue to your guests using branded experiential marketing vehicles. From high streets and shopping centres to trade shows or even the beach, by widening the scope of event destinations, your campaign will be unforgettable.

Consider pre- and post-event parties

While B2B conferences have traditionally been, and continue to be, an opportunity for industry experts to come together and discuss new and innovative ideas, they also run the risk of becoming repetitive or bland. We suggest, therefore, bringing an element of fun to your event in the form of either an after-party or launch party.

Bring your attendees together and let them get acquainted with one another through engaging, experiential games before the event - this type of occasion is increasingly being called a kick-off party. Ideas could include utilising interactive technology by providing your guests with an option to take funny pictures of themselves and printing these onto stickers for them to wear at the main event. This is sure to ease any initial conference awkwardness and allows for a more relaxed networking session to occur before the main event.

Alternatively, for a more relaxed environment that gives you and your attendees the opportunity to indulge in a tipple or two, think about organising an annual conference after-party that will not only become a highly anticipated event but can boost your brand’s image.

band performing to crowd at event

Invest in giveaways 

Partnering up with another brand on giveaways can be a brilliant way to engage with guests and build relationships. Not only will it promote your partner’s products in the short term - helping to cement your relationship with them - but it can also attract attendees to your own services at the event by giving them something free to take away.

Just like Samsung did at Facebook’s 2016 F8 conference, giving your guests something they can interact with and take back home with them will let your event attendees experience and remember you long after your conference has taken place. 

Whether you’re looking to take your business’s branding in a whole new direction with a quirky venue or think that enticing your guests with fun freebies might be the trick to keep your brand at the forefront of your attendees’ minds, an experiential campaign can be implemented in all types of business events.

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