3 Ways Exhibition Trailers Can Be Used at Festivals (and Why You Need to Get Involved)

From local food markets to the bright lights of Glastonbury, festivals and events hold a huge amount of sway when it comes to getting your business noticed. Throw a branded event trailer into the mix and you’ll have the two key ingredients needed to whip up an experiential marketing storm.
1. To take your product(s) to the people
branded white exhibition trailer at APE Festival
One of the biggest benefits of transportable trailers is that, no matter its size, you can move your business around. If you’re certain that your target audience will be at a particular event or exhibition, then that’s where you need to be - and with a little help from us, that once seemingly impossible dream can become a reality!
An exhibition trailer can become your very own on-site shop, restaurant, showroom, office or just about anything else you can think of. Fully customisable, this space can become completely synonymous with your brand - ensuring consistency so that your business is instantly recognisable in terms of colours and logos.
With a limited number of vendors on-site, festival-goers don’t have endless options, so make sure their experience at your truck or trailer is one they’ll remember. Word of mouth is still one of the best forms of marketing, so don’t underestimate the power of delivering a memorable experience. Nail this and watch as the same faces come back time and again - and bring their friends along, too!
And, if your target demographic was born post-2000, you're bound to find a fair share of Gen Z-ers at festivals. This increasingly important audience is a big fan of brand experience, which makes festivals the ideal hunting ground for marketers looking to make an impact.
Remember, all sense of budget goes out of the window when it comes to spending at events and festivals.
2. To boost your business’s branding 
With a branded exhibition unit or trailer, you can make a big statement - especially if you’re popping up at a renowned food or music festival (think of the likes of The Big Feastival and Glastonbury). Just being at these events is a statement in itself - and with selfies galore being taken, you’ll want to make sure your business features in those Insta-worthy festival snaps. 
Whether you’re pitching up for a few hours or a few days, a branded unit means you’ll have an on-site presence for the entire time you’re there - even when the shutters go down for the day (if they do!). On top of this, you can use your merch to reach the masses. Glasto is known for its weird and wonderful vendors - from food and drink stalls to clothing brands and charities - so whatever you’re selling, think outside the box when it comes to getting your brand noticed.
If you’re a clothing company launching a new collection, why not tease the new line on your social channels ahead of the event? You can jump on relevant event hashtags to reach those who’ll be attending and even consider special offers and giveaways for the first people to buy on the day. Similarly, for food and drink vendors, you could think about hosting a social-run competition for followers to name a new dish that will feature on your menu. Anything even slightly off-the-wall is likely to be a hit with festival-goers!
For those who are interested, the application process for traders at Glastonbury 2019 opens in October this year.
3. To build a loyal audience
From foodies to die-hard music fans, it’s almost certain that attendees will be taking to their social channels in the days and weeks after a big event to post pictures and relive their best moments - so get in on the action by making sure your social team are on the ball, too.
Brainstorming rough ideas of the topics you can post about is always a good idea, but there’s guaranteed to be newsworthy stories and anecdotes that are doing the social media rounds on the day - and by weighing in with your opinions and first-hand updates, you can engage with your audience across both the digital and physical worlds.
Ahead of the event, spend some time coming up with ideas for a hashtag that will be recognisable and fits in with your brand. Whether this is related to a giveaway, a new product or simply a headlining act that you can’t wait to see and want to get people talking about, it’s well worth setting aside a portion of your planning time in the quest for social media domination.
Just for fun - some hashtag fails you can learn from! 
So, how can you get involved?
Exhibition trailers aren’t just for food and music festivals. From sporting competitions and recruitment days to large-scale catering events, exhibition units and trailers can be tailored to suit your needs - so don’t be afraid to think big when it comes to planning the next steps for your business.
black exhibition trailer at APE Festival
Got an event on the horizon and need a helping hand with your promotion? We have a variety of exhibition trailers that are perfect for festivals.
Heading to All Points East Festival this weekend? The images above are all from brands using our event shipping containers at the festival - see if you can spot them if you're there!